CDI specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of active and passive interconnect products and services to customers in many different industries. Our goal is to provide quality products with cost saving solutions for components requiring precision machining, from prototype through production.


Department of Defense

CDI supplies a wide range of interconnect products for use in military applications, including  MIL-SPEC connectors and connector accessories, MIL-SPEC contacts, filter connectors, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, power cables and board mount components. We also specialize in the reverse engineering of sole source & obsolete military products, such as the Class L Connector and tent lights, as well as offer support for spare military parts.


Robotics and Manufacturing

For the robotic and manufacturing industries, CDI specializes in offering MIL-SPEC connectors, connector accessories and cable assemblies. Our services include spare part support and on-site engineering and design application services.


Harsh Environment 

For harsh environment equipment such as cranes, wind turbines and combines, CDI specializes in offering active and passive interconnect products such as MIL-SPEC connectors, stainless steel connectors, board mount components, overmolded cable assemblies and environmentally sealed connectors.


Rail and Transit

CDI specializes in MIL-SPEC connectors, connector accessories, power supplies and connector accessories for equipment for the rail and transit industry


Medical Equipment

For the medical equipment industry, CDI specializes in offering MIL-SPEC connectors, connector accessories, cable assemblies, power supplies and connector accessories.


Commercial and Industrial Equipment

CDI specialized in manufacturing connectors, connector assemblies, and connector accessories used in commercial and industrial equipment.




CDI manufactures custom connectors, connector accessories and wire harnesses for entertainment lighting, gaming equipment and sound equipment.