CDI now offers Electronic Enclosures to help maintain your electrical equipment from the harshest environments. Our enclosures are the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and military use. 

Our basic enclosures are 19" rack mount (EIA-310), Air Transport Racks-ATR (Rinc 404 & 600) and certified by the National Electrical Manufacturer's Assocation (NEMA). Many enclosures require in-depth consultatition to make sure you are receiving the correct enclosure for your needs. Enclosures can vary in bus structure, eletronic (computer-based), power-ready, and the environment in which it should be use.

We also offer complete turnkey solutions, from power-ready enclosures with backplane/sub racks to cabling of all types. Our website is currently being upgraded. Other key capabilities are 3D design with FEA (finite element analysis) as well CNC machining and turning. We can build to print or offer full engineering capabilities. Other product offerings are the VME64 and VPX bus structures.


  • Floor Standing Cabinets
  • Sub-Racks, Card Cages
  • Rackmount, Table Top & Portable Enclosures
  • Extender Cards, Wire Wrap Cards
  • Backplanes (Passive & Active)
  • Power Supplies (AC-DC, DC-DC)


  • SEM E, Conduction Cooled ATR
  • Graphite Composite ATR Enclosures, Conduction
  • RPS-D-600W Power Supply


  • 1/2 Short, CV Cooled ATR & Rugged Lap Top Computer
  • Graphite Composite ATR Enclosures, Convection Cooled
  • RPS-200W Power Supply
  • Monolithic VME Backplanes
  • Full Size Dual P-III Processors Card w/VGA/2-LAN
  • Hot Swap, Redundant ISA/PCI Chassis
  • IEC 601 Medical Computer


  • Solid Seam Welding
  • Dip & Vacuum Brazing
  • Water Cooled
  • ATR (Air Transport Rack)
  • Conduction Cooled Chassis
  • Convection Cooled Chassis
  • Sheetmetal Fabrication (CNC Equipment)
  • Auto CAD 2000 Design Automation
  • Automatic Cut & Strip Wire Machine
  • Assembled Construction


  • VME, VXI, PC/AT, MB I & II, Cpci, RAID

To receive more information about finding the right enclosure for you, please contact us or request a quote.


Custom Made Electronic Enclosure

Custom CVATR Electronic Enclosure

Custom Electronic Enclosure

Custom Electronic Enclosures with RF cables