In addition to our reverse engineering services, CDI can often improve upon a design by replacing old technology with innovative ideas. Due to a low overhead and our network of small business suppliers, we can offer the same quality product as many larger companies without comprising integrity of the product.


Reverse Engineering of Class-L Connector

We reverse engineered the Class-L Commercial Power Connector, offering our customer a cost-saving solution without jeopardizing the quality of the part.


Reverse Engineering of Military Tent Light

Tasked with reverse engineering tent lighting for the military, CDI successfully reduced the weight to under 6 pounds and increased production in a short time-frame.


New Product Design Case Study for Filter Connector

CDI designed custom filter connectors to solve EMI/RFI interference issues used in military aircraft.


New Product Design for Board Mount Connector

CDI designed Custom Board Mount Connectors used in a specialized high-tech application for the Military. Allowed a soldier to be able to quickly and effectively shut down equipment in a short time period under emergency conditions while still preserving equipment.